Faith: Day 3

Talk about what God does for us: While we sin, God still provides us an opportunity to turn our eyes towards him as long as we put our faith in him.

Read Romans 2:7…We will be rewarded for our faith.

Talk about our rewards: God will repay us for what we have done. A life devoted to God will produce much reward.

Read Romans 4:1-5… The works that we produce from our faith is an obligation.

Talk about our works: As long as we put our faith and trust in God, the work that we do in this work will be deemed righteous.

Read Romans Ch. 11…Have hope in God. Have faith that God will be there with you.

Talk about Human tendencies: Humans are naturally impatient.

Ask about patience in prayer: Have you ever prayed a prayer that took a while to be answered?

Give encouragement: I encourage you to create a prayer journal so that you can keep track of what you have prayed and what prayers have been answered. It may take a while for a prayer to be answered.


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