Faith: Day 4

Read Matthew 6:7-8… We keep repeating what we want. God will provide what we need.

Talk about your wants: Leave your wants for last. God first, others second, and you third. Pray in this order too.

Talk about the results of faith: Our testimony of our faith can be used to reach out to others. Tell others why and how you got your faith and how it has helped you through the tough circumstances or struggles. With our testimony, we can relate to others.

Read John 8:31-32…Hold to the teachings, follow him, and the truth will set you free.

Talk about the conditions of salvation: Faith needs Repentance. Faith is not real saving faith unless it includes true repentance. God wants for you to show that you want Him over what the world offers. Repentance is required with Faith in God.

Define Repentance (Bible dictionary): “True repentance includes genuine sorrow toward God on account of sin (II Cor 7:9) and an inward disgust to sin necessarily followed by the actual forsaking of it (Matt 3:8, Acts 26:30)”…. Although faith alone is the condition for salvation (Eph 2:8-10, Acts 16:31), repentance is bound up with faith and inseparable from it, since without some measure of faith no one can truly repent, and repentance never attains to its deepest character till the sinner realizes through saving faith how great is the Grace of God against whom have sinned”.


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