Faith: Day 2

Define Faith (Bible Dictionary, Philosophical): Believe that you may know

Talk about trust: We must trust that there is a God out there. We must have our reasons.

Ask about proving God’s existence: Is it easy to prove that God exists? Is it easy to prove that God doesn’t exist.

Read John 3:18-21… We have a tendency to love what is not of God. We need to live by the Truth, living how Jesus lived, selfless and loving to everyone, especially God.

Ask about being a light: How can we be a light in this dark world?

Read Bible Commentary: “Men love darkness not for its own sake but because of what it hides. They want to continue undisturbed in their evil deeds. A believer is also a sinner, but he confesses his sin and responds to God (1 John 1:6-7). In the ultimate sense, man’s love of darkness rather than God the Light (John 1:5, 10-11; 1 John 1:5) is his love for idols”.

Numbers 21:4-9… This verse expresses our love and tendencies to follow idols over God.


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