Lesson #18: Church

Ask about ‘church’: What is the first word or phrase that comes into our head when we think of ‘church’?…Building, location.

Talk about ‘true church’: People, including me, tend to forget what a ‘true church’ is.

Examples of a ‘true church’: Read Hebrews 10: 24-25 and Matthew 18:20

Talk about the Bible dictionary: The Bible dictionary gives the best illustration of what a ‘true church’ is.

Church (def):

  1. an entire body of those who are savingly related to Christ
  2. a particular Christian denomination
  3. a building designated for Christian worship

Talk about how we are related to a church: A church is more than just a gathering of religious individuals in a building. By definition, we are a church or part of a church. We are saved, gathering of two or more people, planning to strengthen each other in our faith and in the Lord.

Ask about what we must do as a church: As a church, what must we do?…Scripture has the answer.

Read Acts 2:42-47

Time to break it down: As a church, this is what we should do…

  • Be devoted to the teachings
  • Be devoted to fellowship
  • Have the breaking of bread and prayer often
  • All believers were together and had everything in common
  • Be together with glad and sincere hearts
  • Praise God
  • Enjoy the favor of all the people

 Time to analyze:

  1. Be devoted to the teachings: Study scripture regularly, whether that is studying scripture by yourself or with a group of people
  2. Be devoted to fellowship: Pray for each other regularly, know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and hardships. Ask: how can we pray for each other now?
  3. Have the breaking of bread and prayer often: Remember what Jesus did for us regularly through communion. He sacrificed Himself on the cross to reconnect our relationship with God. Even though we don’t deserve His love because of our imperfections and sinful nature, He still gave us mercy and grace. Ask: (Only if you have bread and juice available) Would you all like to take communion now?
  4. All believers were together and had everything in common: We all have a similar motive: live like Jesus. We are encouraging and we don’t judge one another. If we sin, we get right back up and reach back to God.
  5. Be together with glad and sincere hearts: This is self explanatory. Be positive, loving and encouraging to one another.
  6. Praise God: Thank Him in our prayers. Live for Him. Sing to Him.
  7. Enjoy the favors of all of the people: If one of us has a particular need (ex. food, money, clothing, a place to sleep), do your best to fulfill that need. We should also be comfortable enough to ask for favors from the others.

 Talk about ‘spiritual hospital’: One of the main functions of a church is as a ‘spiritual hospital’.

Ask about ‘spiritual hospital’: What does ‘spiritual hospital’ mean?…As a part of God’s spiritual family, it is our responsibility to help one another in every way possible (and enjoy the favors of all of the people).

Read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12…The larger the group, the stronger it will be. “God’s family works best when its members work together”.

More on the ‘spiritual hospital’: A spiritual hospital is not a place where people are affirmed in their sin. This is just agreeing with each other that we are in lives of sin and not doing anything about it. Additionally, this is neither a place where sick people brag about self-wellness. (Ex. Bob: Hey Bill, how have you been? Bill: Fantastic! You? Bob: Great!…..(conversation stops there) (They said that even though both of them were going through a rough patch at home raising teenagers) )

Make a final note: Let’s do what God wants us to do. Remember these steps and live it out for God! God bless you all!



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