Lesson #5: Disciple

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Read Matthew 28:16-20

Read Isaiah 8:16, 50:4, 54:13

Talk about disciple: The definition of disciple is “the one who professes to have learned certain principles from another and maintains them on that other’s authority”

Read Matthew 5:1…Be like Jesus and teach about God’s mercy and power

Read Matthew 9:14…Do what God tells us to do. For example, if God want you to fast, then go fast. We shouldn’t do what everyone around us is telling us to do. Instead, do what God wants you to do.

Ask about what God wants: How do we know what He wants and doesn’t want us to do?…Use the Bible. It has those answers.

Talk about Jesus’s purpose: Don’t do what the heart isn’t prepared for. Jesus was prepared for his journey. Jesus’s purpose wasn’t to patch up Jerusalem like an old cloth with a new patch that will shrivel up, but instead, completely replace the cloth and make it new. His job was to lead a group (Jews) into the kingdom and righteousness of God through Him (Jesus).

Read Matthew 22:15-22

Talk about what God wants: God wants us to give everything to Him. He wants us to give to Him what belongs to Him, which is everything. Basically, we are putting God above all else.

Read Matthew 10

Talk about our potential: Imagine what our faith can potentially do. God could potentially give us the power to cast out evil spirits or heal diseases.

Ask: Do you have any cool stories like the one in Matthew 10? What would you like to do with your faith? Do miracles?

Read Matthew 11:1-6

Talk about others who have had disciples: Even John the Baptist, a disciple of Jesus by definition, has disciples. These were people who were willing to be led by God through John.

Ask about what God wants: Does God want us to make disciples?…Of course!! He wants us to teach others how to be disciples.

Talk about taking on a challenge: Take on that challenge to make disciples. You will do amazing things. Your actions could be a major blessing to others.

Read Matthew 10:40-42

Talk about what we need to do: This is what we need to do: Have faith in God. Have faith that you will do amazing things. Believe in yourself. Be faithful. Rewards will be given in heaven. Blessings may be given on Earth.

Ask about being a disciple: How can you be a disciple?



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