Lesson #4: Sin

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(Extend Lesson)

Read Romans 6: 1-4

Ask about forgiveness: What does this say about sin and forgiveness?…With the power of Jesus Christ’s death, we can be forgiven of our sins. We may also live new lives because of it.

Read Romans 6:5-11

Ask about what God wants: What are we asked to do?…Be like Christ. We have been raised to life as he was.

Ask about what being like Christ looks like: How can we be like Christ when it comes to sin?…Christ died to break the power of sin and now he lives for the glory of God.

Read Romans 6:12

Ask about fleeing from sin: How can we turn away from the evil desires?…Give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead.

Ask about biblical death: What does it mean when it says, “For you were dead?”…We were dead in our sins. And we can now become alive and free through the gift of God’s grace.

Read Romans 6:15

Talk about slavery: You can be a slave to only one thing, sin (aka the world) or God. These rules are set by God. There are no exceptions.

Ask about being a slave to sin: What does it mean to be a slave to sin (aka the world)? Slave to God? On what side of the spectrum do you lie?…Once you put your faith (belief and trust) in Jesus, you are a slave to the righteous living (aka slave to God).

Read Romans 6:19

Talk about scripture: According to this verse, sin is like a black hole of ever-increasing wickedness.

Talk about habits: Imagine this- You develop a habit of falling into temptation of one specific (or a variety) sin (or sins) over and over again. As you continue to do that, the urges become stronger and it becomes easier to fall into the tempting trap. For example, let’s say you told a silly lie to your parents at one point. If you continue to lie to your parents after this incident, it will become easier to repeat it again.

Ask about temptation: Why is it so easy to fall into sin at this point?…We have distanced ourselves from God, basically rejecting everything that he has told us to do.

Ask about avoiding sin: What is the only way to avoid sin?…Commit to a fully-devoted relationship with God, following every command no matter what. The more devoted you are, your desire for sin tends to decrease, but you will still be tempted.

Read Romans 6:20

Talk about being without God: Without God we are free from the obligation of righteousness. Choose righteousness.

Ask about choosing righteousness: Why choose righteousness over living for the world?…Righteousness includes giving up selfish desires. Righteousness is God’s command and it will give us everlasting joy instead of temporary.

Read Romans 6:23

Talk about punishment: The punishment for sin is death. We all die because we sin. God wants us to die to sin now and start living for Him. We will only become alive again through Him.



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