Self Control: Day 1

Ask about self-control: What are some examples of having self-control?…Being calm instead of getting angry about something, doing what is right even when you have a temptation to do something wrong, being sober instead of being drunk, etc.

Read Proverbs 25:28…Without walls a city is vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Ask about vulnerability: Regarding our self-control, when can we be vulnerable?…If we don’t set boundaries in relationships, don’t regard rules, laws, etc. One who lacks self-control is undisciplined.

Ask about discipline: What does a disciplined Christ follower look like?…One who obeys the laws , obeys God, quick to respond, obeying those who are in charge to your full potential regardless the difficulty.

Restate the scripture: In other words, “The one who lacks self-control is vulnerable to trouble”.

Ask about the statement: How is this statement true?…Drugs, Pre-marital sex, Violence, Abuse, other sin… The lack of self-control could lead you down a path of sin in a downward spiral.


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