Baptism Full Lesson

Ask about baptism: What is your understanding of baptism?

Define baptism: Here is a general definition: “a rite of washing with water as a sign of religious purification and consecration (def. the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service, usually religious)”.

Talk about the definition: Basically, baptism is a proclamation of faith, expressing to others that someone is devoting their life to God and have received the Holy Spirit.

Talk about the meaning: As most of us know, there is much symbolism in the Bible. For example, the parables in the Bible often had a message about Faith. (Ex. Prodigal Son, Mustard Seed). Interestingly, the act of baptism is also symbolic. Think of it: We wash our skin with water in the shower to purify it from bacteria, dirt, sweat, etc. Water purifies. The act of dunking our head under water shows the congregation of the church that we understand the importance of what Jesus Christ did for us, accepting the Holy Spirit, and following the lifestyle that God calls us to live. We understand that before we had God, we were impure and after God, we have become pure with him.

Talk about Repentance: Baptism also shows God that we have repented of our sins to Him. What is repentance? What is the purpose? Do you repent often? Before being baptized or baptizing others, we must understand the importance of repentance.

Read Acts 3:19

Read Matthew 28:19

Ask about baptism: why should we baptize people in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Why not just God, why all 3?

Read John 14:6-7…Jesus is God in Flesh. He is a significant part of God. We must go through Jesus to get to God. Believe in what He did for us and we will be saved.

Talk about the Trinity: Remember this: The 3 forms of God are similar to the 3 forms of water. Water (H20) has 3 forms (Solid, Liquid and Gas). Even though H20 can take 3 different forms, they all consist of the same molecule. God also has 3 different forms. There is the God of the universe (who created us and everything that exists), Jesus (God in Flesh), and the Holy Spirit (God with us). Even though they differ from each other, these are all forms of God. See the relation?



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