Entitlement: Day 2

Read John 14:1-14, specifically 6


  • Verse 6: Remain in God. Without Him, we are worthless. With Him, we have a purpose.
  • Difficulties with believing this: Sometimes it is difficult for us to live by this: “(Jesus) is the way, the truth, and the life.” We sometimes doubt that His ways are the best ways.
  • Talk about expecting: Also, we sometimes expect that things should go our way in our faith. Sometimes we, including me, expect that God will do all the work with our faith. In other words, we think, “I am going to wait to do anything drastic in my faith until God gives me a clear sign”.
  • Talk about the sign from God: Honestly, the sign has already been given to us and its clear what the instructions are…The Bible is our sign.
  • Ask about instructions: What are some of the clear instructions that the Bible contains?
  • Read Matthew 5:42 and Proverbs 22:9…Give to the poor, lend people money.
  • Read Matthew 28:19…Make disciples of all nations
  • …and much more.
  • Talk about expectation and prayer: When you pray, your prayers won’t always get answered the way you want or expect them to. God doesn’t always give people what they think they deserve, but you may receive blessing (there is no predictable formula to blessings).

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