Sacrifices: Full Version

Read Leviticus 1:1-9…There is much symbolism and meaning behind each step of the process of sacrificing animals in atonement to sin. First, you must offer a male without birth defects as the burnt offering.

Ask about animal sacrifice: Why were animals sacrificed back in the day?

Talk about sin: With sin, we are without God. Being an unholy and sinful, man is unable to surrender himself to the holy God. In order to be holy as God is holy, by the commandment an animal had to be offered to set us free from sin.

Ask about God’s instructions for sacrificing: Why was God so specific on the instructions of sacrificing something for Him?…loyalty. God wants us to follow him, no matter how tough, illogical, crazy, or inconvenient it may seem.

Ask about sacrifice from the New Testament: Who in the new testament has similarities to the animal sacrifice from the old testament?…Similar to the animals that were chosen to be sacrificed, Jesus was male and had no imperfections.

Talk about Jesus and sacrificing: Now, God doesn’t ask us for an animal sacrifice because Jesus fulfilled a prophecy that cancels that debt that we owed. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, the perfect lamb.

Read 1 Corinthians 5:6-8…Christ is an example to us. We must sacrifice because he did. Give up your old foolish ways (ex. habits, sins).

Talk about fasting: Fasting is also another form of sacrifice. Fasting is when you give up something and replace it with God. For example, when you give up food or Netflix, eventually you will have a craving for it. God asks us in fasting to replace the time that you would usually spend eating or watching Netflix for time with Him. He wants to be what ultimately satisfies you and your every craving.

Read Hebrews 9:27-28…Even though we are destined for destruction, Jesus sacrificed himself for us.

1 Chronicles 16:29…Bring glory to God. Sacrifice for Him, whether that may be time, energy, money, etc. He loves it when you bring glory to Him.

Talk about tithing: Tithing is another form of sacrifice. Tithing is a form of worship where you give some of the money that you own to God, whether that is giving it directly to a church, a non-profit organization, or even buying care packages for the homeless. With your tithing, many others can potential be benefitted from it. It is a warming feeling to know that.

Read Psalm 51:17…God wants us to have a broken spirit and contrite heart. You can never please God by only outward actions—no matter how good—if your inward heart attitude is not right.

Ask about repentance: Are you sorry for your sin? Do you genuinely intend to stop?

Talk about humility: God is pleased by this kind of humility. He wants you to get rid of that sin that is in your life.

Ask about idolizing: Is there anything you put above God? Anything you idolize?

Talk about sacrificing to God: If so, sacrifice it, give it up to God. Nothing else should be above God. Don’t let it control you. Let God control you.


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