Lesson #46: Loyalty

Define loyalty: What is loyalty? According to dictionary.com, loyalty is defined as faithfulness to commitments or obligations. Synonyms include fidelity and devotion.

Talk about fidelity and devotion: To understand loyalty in the bible, we must understand fidelity and devotion.

Define biblical fidelity: Biblical fidelity is defined as “that grace [demonstrating unconditional love] in the servant which shows him to be worthy of his Master’s trust.” Where does this apply? This applies to spouses in which they are directed by God to remain faithful and constantly serving each other with loving hearts. 

Talk about biblical devotion: Obviously, as followers of God, we must be loyal to Him and His commands for us. Biblical devotion is demonstrated through following God’s laws and commandments. Read Titus 1:6-9 and Exodus 20:1-17 for scripture on this. The Bible indicates that a devoted Christ follower is one who does what?…Is faithful to his/her family, slow to anger (not quick-tempered, non-violent), loves what is good, is self controlled, is disciplined, holds firmly to the message being taught and knows how to encourage others using the bible. 

Ask about characteristics of being devoted: Are there any of these characteristics of a devoted Christ follower that you seem to have down? Are there any of these that you want to work on? 

Ask about loyalty as a Christ follower: What happens as a Christ follower when you are loyal to God? Doubts continue to dwindle, more reliance on God, and potentially less life stress since you have decided to put your anxieties on him and off of your shoulders.

Talk about what has been discussed so far: So far we have learned that a loyal person does the following: follows his or her morals, devoted to understanding and standing by the entity that the individual intends to be loyal to, committed to giving unconditional love to the entity that he or she is being loyal to. Is there anything that was missed?

Talk about roles: In our life, we may take on various roles (For example, a Christ follower). 

Ask about roles: In what other circumstances is loyalty important? 1) being a loyal servant to God, 2) being a loyal servant to others, including our friends, family, acquaintances and strangers, 3) being a loyal employee at the workplace, 4) being a loyal spouse. And 5) being a loyal son or daughter.

Ask about additional roles: Were there any roles that were missed in which loyalty is vital?

Talk about diving into scripture: Let’s dive deep into the word to find some specific examples of loyalty among these roles. So far, we have discussed being a loyal servant to God. Let’s talk about the others.

Ask about the loyal child: What does it look like for a child to be loyal to his or her parents? Ephesians 6:1 directs children to obey their parents. 1 Timothy 5:8 directs children to provide for their parents when they are older and cannot provide for themselves (if needed). Matthew 15:3-6 indicated that children must not revile (or criticize in an angry or insulting manner). 1 Timothy 5:1 says that children should encourage our parents rather than rebuke them. 

Ask about the product of loyalty from a child: What happens as a kid continues to be loyal to his or her parents? Trust forms and they develop a stronger bond.

Talk about a loyal spouse: What does it look like for a spouse to be loyal to their spouse? 1 Timothy 3:11 indicates that spouses should be loyal with their words as well as their actions. Proverbs 5: 15-23. What does verse 15 mean? Be faithful to your wife. Seek your wife’s love over any woman. When married, you and your spouse are considered one flesh, one cistern, one well. As a spouse, you have made a vow to invest emotionally, physically and spiritually to strengthen the bond. 

Ask about being unloyal to your spouse: What does it mean to drink water from a different cistern or run water from a different well? When you invest in others as you would a spouse, you are drinking water from different cisterns or running water from different wells. 

Ask about the product of loyalty from a spouse: What happens as a spouse when you are loyal to your spouse? Intimacy strengthens and the relationship as a unit strengthens. 

Ask about loyalty among people: What does loyalty among a community group look like? Constantly checking up on each other, consistently attending, being available when others need help. When we are serving and being loyal to the people around us, we are being loyal to God. What does God direct us to do to show our loyalty to them? Give accountability to those who seek it (Iron sharpens iron). Give to those in need and give with a sincere heart (Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

Talk about being faithful in our profession: Be faithful in your professions (Read Proverbs 16:11-21). According to the MSG version of the Bible, verse 11 is directing us to be honest in our workplace. What job was the “scales and balances” referring to?…Tax collectors. They were seen as the lowest of the low because they were often dishonest. 

Ask about dishonesty in the workplace: In what ways could you be dishonest in your professions/school work? Lying to get a higher productivity, lying to get more clients, lying to receive more money

What happens as an employee that is loyal to their agency? Potentially a pay increase, potentially a higher position, potentially 

Conclusion: According to the Bible, loyalty is important. On the other hand, it is fairly easy to engage in infidelity, dishonesty, lying, and cheating in order to allegedly benefit from it. Although, loyalty ultimately makes you a better spouse, a better friend, a more productive member of society, a better student, a better employee, and/or a better friend. Loyalty helps to solidify a sense of belonging in this world, grounding you in the truth and your faith. Pursue loyalty. Do it. You won’t regret it.

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