Lesson #39: God’s Warmth

Ask about camping: Who loves camping? What’s the best part about camping? Who loves campfires? S’mores?

Ask about campfires: Why do we love campfires so much?… On a chilly night, campfires provide warmth and a good source of light for us.

Ask about moving away from the fire: What happens if we move away from the fire?… The farther away we move from the fire, the less you feel its warmth and see its light.

Talk about God vs fire: Can we compare God to a fire? If so, how?… God provides us warmth (comfort) and light (direction) in darkness. God’s presence is welcoming and inviting, just like a campfire with your friends.

Talk about closeness: Unfortunately, we don’t always feel close to God. For example, when we have financial or relational issues, it is hard to feel joy and comfort from anything or anyone in the middle of it.  

Ask about not feeling God’s warmth: Generally, in what cases do we tend not to see God’s light or feel His warmth?… When we are experiencing difficulties or during uncomfortable circumstances.

Ask about examples of difficulties: What are some difficulties that you have experienced in which it was difficult to experience joy or comfort from others?

Talk about difficulties: During these difficulties, it is easy to feel like God has forgotten you or that he doesn’t exist. We may ask ourselves, “What did I do to deserve this? I’m a good person. Why is this happening to me?” Has anyone ever asked this?

Ask about God leaving us: Does God ever leave us?

Read Deuteronomy 31: 8-9… The answer to that question is a big fat “no!”. He will never ever leave us!

Ask about comfort: How can we seek God’s comfort?… Look to the Book of James

Talk about the Book of James: The book of James was originally intended for Jews who recently discovered Jesus and did not know how to follow Him. Jews, originally, had many religious traditions to help them connect with God. When Jesus came around, many of the traditions discontinued. As Christians, we have always been confused on how to “adequately connect” to God. Truth is that there are many ways to connect to Him. Humans just enjoy complicating things. Jesus helped to clear up some of the complications.

Read James 4:1-12

Ask about the scripture: What does James tell us to do?… God is always there. The fire is always lit, and it is easily accessible. We have the map to get to it. We just need to remember that it is there.

Read Romans 8:31-39…What do these verses say about God’s accessibility?… Nothing will separate us from God’s love.

Talk about connecting with God: For us to feel God’s warmth, we must be pursuing His warmth consistently.

Ask about connecting with God: What is your next step to connecting more with God?… You could (1) Tell God, “I want to be nearer to you”, (2) Show God by following His commandments daily, (3) Praise God by worshipping with intent to connect, and (4) Serve God in the church or community, and (4) Learn more about God with the Bible.

Conclude: No matter how hard life is, God will always be there with open arms, visible from miles away, ready for you to receive His warmth and love. Once we understand Him and how He works, we can become stronger and can handle life better. Here are a few things that you may learn when reading the Bible: (1) We are not in control of our lives, (2) Life is unpredictable, (3) Bad things do happen to good people, and (4) Life is not fair. Remember this above all: God will comfort you if you seek Him.

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