Lesson #16: James

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Talk about daily challenges: What are challenges you face on a day to day basis?

Talk about the tongue: Have you ever been in a situation where it felt nearly impossible to control your tongue?

Ask about the tongue: What does it mean to control your tongue?

Read James 3:5-6

Ask about what God wants: What does God want us to do with our tongue?

Talk about an honorable life: In God’s eyes, what is an honorable life? (ie. Doing good works with humility, which comes from wisdom)

Talk about being an enemy to the world: Why does God want us to be an enemy of the world? (ie. Because we might fall in love with the worldly desires instead of God)

Read James 3: 9-10, 15-16

Talk about living for God: Living for God is not easy, but worth it in the end.

Read 1 Timothy 6:10

Talk about getting rich: Getting rich won’t lead you to true happiness. Watch this documentary: Born Rich.. It expresses a true life example of why 1 Timothy 6:10 is so accurate. It is about wealthy young adults who inherit an abundance of money from their parents solely because their parents are extremely wealthy. Some of them express to the cameras their dissatisfaction with the money that they had been given. Furthermore, many reported that they don’t feel like they’ve earned it.

Talk about hardships: What feelings do we tend to have when we suffer through hardships? (Sadness, Anger, Blame God, Feeling like we are alone)

Talk about prayer: What should we do when hard times come? (Pray, Depend on God) Why should we pray?

Talk about confession: Is it difficult or easy to confess to each other? Is it important? Why?

Ask about the lesson: What have you learned from this lesson?



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