Lesson #14: Idols

(Extend lesson)

Ask about Idols: What is an idol?….Anything that we elevate above Christ. People use idols to make themselves feel happy/satisfied over God (ie. Video-games). God wants us to be much more than happy….holy.

Talk about Zombies of the world: A zombie loves things of the world and uses people for their own glory or satisfaction. They basically want the world to revolve around them. A zombie of this world would be a person who loves and trust dead-end idols. Dead-end as in not living and worthless in heaven.

Ask about dead-end idols: What are some dead-end idols or treasures that you cherish and love to use?

Talk about how God doesn’t want us to have items loved over him: God wants us to be “Alive in Him”. Alive people choose to transfer trust to the living God.

Do an activity: Compare and contrast being a zombie and being alive for Christ.

  • Gather some examples for what being a Zombie means: This includes idolizing, dead in Christ, not praising, going with the flow of life, not worshiping God, worshiping idols, not active in church, praying selfishly (all of the time), not reading the bible.
  • Gather some examples for what being Alive in Christ means: Not idolizing, no adultery, steering clear of sin, praying to God on a regular basis, turning to the Bible for help, active in church, serving others, tithing.

Talk about Proverbs: Proverbs is full of lessons for a man who wants to be wise (aka Alive) in their relationship with God. It shows the difference between a wise man and a foolish man.

Read Proverbs 13

Read Matthew 5:3-10

Read Proverbs 23



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