Self Control: Day 5

Read Hebrews 5:11-14, 6:1-3

Back Story to scripture: These Jewish-Christ followers were being immature. They were unwilling to go beyond the basic teachings and understandings of Christ. They were uneasy because the commitment to Christ would require them to go out of their comfort zone.

Say: We need to grow from being infant Christians (feeding on milk) to mature Christians (feeding on whole food). This first requires us to train our senses, our mind, and our bodies to distinguish good and evil. In result to training, we will have the ability to recognize a temptation before it traps you. Also, we will be able to distinguish an incorrect use of scripture and a correct one. All of these aspects of recognition and drawing closer God are the results of properly practicing self-control.

Self-Analysis of Faith: In your relationship with God, where do you feel like you are at?

  • Infant: “feeding on breast-milk”…You know and understand the basics of Christianity and you aren’t ready to fully commit your life to God.
  • Child: “feeding on some solid foods”…You have made the decision to fully commit your life to God but you don’t know what that beholds entirely. You have the desire to learn more about Christianity but you don’t necessarily understand how to apply all of it to your life.
  • Young Adult: “mainly feeding on solid foods”…Knows and understands most of God’s principles, you try everything to maintain a close relationship with God.
  • Adult: “always feeding on solid food”…Fully-devoted Christ follower
  • Conclusion of Analysis: Which category best represents your relationship with God?

Ask: Instead of being controlled by society and sin, what should we be controlled by?Everything that is considered good to God: The fruits of the spirit is a great example.

Read Galatians 5:22-23

Conclusion: All of these are considered ‘good’ to God. These are what He wants you to do every day, every minute, and every second. He doesn’t even want us to have an ounce of hatred toward others, lust, lies, covetous thoughts, etc. He wants love. Doing what is good will help you overcome and turn away from those sins that seem to harm you. In result, we will develop good self-control.

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