Self Control: Day 3

(3) Read Proverbs 23:31-35

Ask about scripture: What does this mean to you? Why could this be a bad thing?

Talk about the scriptural message: This verse is expressing how immature we get when it comes to sin. We try to push our limits and try to find loopholes to sin, which still winds us up in trouble.

Ask about laws: If we are under the legal age of drinking, why shouldn’t we drink?

Read Romans 13:1-5…We must obey the laws of the land. When we obey the laws of the land, we are obeying God.

Talk about an example of self-control: The greatest example of self-control is Jesus when he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

Read Matthew 4:1-17…All around us, we are tempted here and there. We have an easy access to porn, T.V. shows based off of dating (and the contestants have perfect figures), lies that are told from peers, media, and politics, etc.

Talk about other temptations: What other temptations do we come across?

Talk about excuses to sin: Whenever we lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, idolatry, etc, our excuse tends to be the same: “I was vulnerable”. “I was bound to give in”. “Everyone does it nowadays”. “It’s normal”.

Talk about an excuse to sin: Let’s analyze the first excuse: “I was vulnerable”. Honestly, there is always a way to reach God instead of giving into sin. Look at Jesus for an instance. Jesus was extremely vulnerable because he was hungry, deprived and thirsty. Satan was speaking truth to Him: Angels could catch Him if He jumped off the cliff. He could create bread from rocks. Instead of giving into the temptations that Satan was spewing at Him, He resisted.


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